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Free tribal tattoo designs of Animals: page 1

It is no secret that animal tattoos are among the most popular and sought. Simply by taking a walk by the beach in full summer, it is easy to see that they represent a good percentage of the ink put into people's skins. And this is no surprise, since animal tattoos have great potential to become favorites at the moment of choosing a tattoo.

Animals not only have an esthetic attraction, but besides, they always include an interesting characteristic that makes us identify ourselves with it. And it is this simple quality, the one that makes most people choose one of these tattoos, and not some of another type, since characterization and identification, are key factors at the moment of electing a tattoo that one will later show proudly.

Bat 1

Bat 2

Bat 3

Bat 4

Bat 5

Beetle 1

Beetle 2

Beetle 3

Beetle 4

Beetle 5

Bird 1

Bird 10

Bird 2

Bird 3

Bird 4

Bird 5

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And the fact is that, among animals, there are hundreds of unique characteristic with which we can blend, since they are so various and special as human beings themselves. Thus, those who think of themselves as a reckless and dominant person might choose, for example, a lion, a tiger or a snake, while those that see themselves as docile and tranquil people may choose, among others, horses or dogs. There is an enormous range of characteristics that can be associated to certain animals; for example, lizards or monkeys represent sympathy, birds liberty, and elephants intelligence.

Regarding animal tattoos, there are those that are more popular and chosen than others. This is the case of lizards, butterflies, spiders, snakes, seahorses, sharks, dolphins and cats, although surely there are many others to continue this list. We can see how identification plays an important role at the moment of electing a tattoo, since, for example, the popularity of butterflies comes mainly from women, who, though maybe unconsciously, seek identification with the sweetness, sympathy and delicacy that butterflies transmit. Another similar case is that of lizards and cats, that are also chosen mostly by the female world, to identify a woman who is less weak and more self-sufficient.

Nevertheless, this it is only one of the reasons why people choose certain animal tattoos, and though perhaps it is the most important one, there are doubtless other motivations at the moment of electing one animal in favor of another.

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