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Free tribal tattoo designs of Celestial bodies: page 1

The universe is such a vast, mysterious and unknown space, that it has attracted the imagination of human beings from the very moment they looked into the skies for the first time. The stars, planets and constellations observed by the first men have created a universe of stories filled with mighty gods that fought, ruled, and died for generations in the sky.

And today, with modern knowledge, new horizons are opened for imagination, with the discovery of black holes, parallel dimensions and interstellar travel. All this infinite magic, capable of awakening the most incredible dreams in a man’s mind, is the same that moves tattoo adepts to stamping a piece of this marvelous universe on their own skins, thus expressing the charm, the mystery and the admiration that this mixture of darkness and stars produces in their minds.

Comet 1

Moon 1

Moon 10

Moon 2

Moon 3

Moon 4

Moon 5

Moon 6

Moon 7

Moon 8

Moon 9

Star 1

Star 10

Star 11

Star 12

Star 13

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Among the most common tattoos in this category we can find stars, suns and moons; though the artists’ representations can be as diverse as the universe itself, reflecting in their work solar systems, constellations and even entire galaxies. Nevertheless, simple objects, like a sun or a star, offer the possibility of getting them tattooed in specific spots and in smaller sizes than, for example, a complete and detailed galaxy, which would require a larger space. It is so that moons, stars and suns can be tattooed in very small sizes and fit perfectly in body parts such as the wrists, the back of the neck, the area near the ankles, behind the ears, and so on.

This is one of the reasons for which simple celestial bodies tattoos are so popular, since they not only permit choosing spots like the ones mentioned before, but are also easier to hide (important requirement for many come the time of getting a tattoo) and have a much smaller cost, due to their size and simplicity.

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