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Free tribal tattoo designs of Celestial bodies: page 2

With the entire universo as backgorund, we can find hundreds of reasons to choose a celestial body for your next tattoo. The immensity of galaxies, the vastness of space, the uncertainty about the behavior of black holes, the stars, the planets, comets and all other forces that rule the universe are usually a theme of inspiration and a motive of attraction when choosing a tattoo.

Yet, the shining of the universe is not the only reason why people choose these tattoos. Sun can, for example, be associated with summer, and be carried as tattoos by people who enjoy the sun and the summer, such as surfers and lifeguards, among others. Moreover, the sun, like water and other components of our world, is a generator of life and warmth, and so it can take a more affective sense for the tattooed person, who can even show his gratitude to the reigning star of the solar system.

Star 14

Star 15

Star 2

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Sun 1

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Sun 13

Sun 14

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Another very significant object for life on Earth is the moon. She is associated to many terrestrial events such as tides, calendars and hasvest. The very same werewolf changed his shape and behavior only due to its presence or absence. And who doesn’t remember the moon, round in the sky, being crossed by a witch in her flying broom? The moon bears many millenniums of imagination, folklore, superstition and legend in the human subconcious, and for this very reason it is often transported to the skins of those who feel such attraction for the mystery and obscurity it transmits.

But all this, is just a part of an enormous universe. The planets, big and small, each one this its own characteristics and mysteries… the comets, flying the dark and infinite outer space, carriers of messages in ancient history… the meteorites, constellations, nebula and beyond, will keep instilling that dose of mystery and occupying their place in the skins of generations to come.

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